Josh: COVID-19 and Education

Many aspects of daily life have been affected by Covid 19 including school. Some daycares and preschools have fully closed while other more advanced classes have transitioned to online learning. In this issue, I will discuss my experience and some factors of concern with online learning. 


Many of my peers claim they are not understanding the subject or simply cannot learn due to school being primarily online. This can be a hindrance to many, but what many teachers will do is schedule a live meeting for discussion to voice any concerns and clear confusion. 

School being completely online also provides students with the incentive to research things for themselves and potentially discover a new world of online resources. 


Struggling to keep up with piles of work or a lack of motivation is no stranger to most students. There is no secret to finding a will to finish the dreaded school work, but there are some things that may help. One of my favorite things to do when I don’t know where to start is to make a list of the things I have to do. From there it is easy to estimate the time it would take to complete one of these tasks, and becomes much more manageable when broken down further. 

Something else you could try is reaching out to your teacher or other faculty and asking for an extension if you explain to them your situation, but be warned- doing this repetitively only casts you in a darker light and it is up to you to keep up your end of the bargain. 


Some instructors fear their content is not sticking with the students and is having a in one ear – out the other effect. This is true to some students but should be no different than it was in class. Most students will continue working and asking questions if they have the will to learn and proper access to the content.


The short answer among the topic of communication amongst teachers is that it varies. Some teachers always try to get back to emails the day of; while others claim they have better things to do in their time off. The best solution I have found to this is to email any teachers during office hours or possibly sending a second email in a polite manner if you are still yet to receive a reply form the first. 

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