Josh: Is Content Creating Right for You?

Creating unique content for others appears the most ideal path as it gives you the most freedom. If you cater to an audience which cares about the same things you are interested in, working in this environment would be a dream. Being your own boss and manager may be stressful at times, but with enough self-discipline one can make this work in their favor. Sticking to a regular schedule may be daunting in any environment, but as a content creator you have something unique to other industries: a fan base. The fans help many people to overcome difficulties in their own life and can drive others crazy with an increase in expectations after each new project. If you can master this difficult work-life relationship, it is possible to gain a following of loyal supporters. Seeing comments from listeners or viewers give some hope and a tangible example that their work has a real impact.

Creating your own content such as podcasts or videos can also serve to forward a personal agenda. People such as Jordan Peterson or Kevin O’Leary produce unique content not due to their love of production, but in order to disseminate the knowledge they have acquired throughout the course of a lifetime amongst consumers. To change the world little by little is the goal of many podcasters varying in degrees of success by person. If the satisfaction of knowing one more person heard whatever message you began creating content for is enough to satisfy you, this may be your career. If you enjoy mixing audio or combining different pieces of audio to form something entirely new, then maybe a corporate setting would be best for you.

The world of media production is very broad and there seems to be a niche for most people. If you are ready to work hard on production skills while consistently meeting deadlines, this gig is right for you.

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