Josh: Nature Does Not Care About You

With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, it has put a massive strain on the stock market and world economy. While this has had severe negative effects on human quality of life and the economy, the environment is doing much better than seen in recent years. Going on a nice walk in the middle of the chaos caused by panic buyers and over reacting news outlets really allows you to notice just how insignificant we really are in the world. With only a few weeks of self-quarantine several cities have seen clear skies for the first time in decades and natural wildlife is reclaiming some territory.

To some this is a sign that countries must come back from overconsumption, while others are pushing for more scientific innovation since they really do believe we are killing the Earth and a new way must be discovered to save it (not to mention those who deny any of this is truly happening). This leaves people like me stuck in the middle; left to view humanity’s greed and Mother Nature’s natural will of reclamation as a yin and yang. Realizing things such as this is quite refreshing and allows for people to begin a dialogue on what really matters in life.

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