Angel: How Automakers Have Responded to COVID-19

With COVID-19 having caused the world to shut down and everyone staying at home automakers have had to shift gears and help out with the COVID-19 relief worldwide.

PROJECT PITLANE: Aston Martin, Mercedes AMG, Renault, and other Formula One teams are working together to make PPE, intubation shields, protective visors, and gowns for their local hospitals in Europe.

FERRARI: The carmaker that is known for being aggressive when it comes to making serious track cars have donated to the Italian Civil Protection Department and social assistance organization to do their part and help out.

FORD: The carmaker that has a history of feuding with Ferrari, and is America’s best selling at pickup trucks has partnered with 3M to make new and innovative respirators which are used as air purifiers.

GENERAL MOTORS: General Motors has also helped out by doing their part and making ventilators for Ventec.

ROLLS ROYCE: The brand that’s known for it’s expensive and luxurious cars is helping out by helping speed up the manufacturing of ventilators.

TESLA: The world’s biggest electric car maker is helping out by making ventilators and distributing them to hospitals via their Tesla delivery centers.

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