Angel: Is Nissan finally making a comeback?

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At one point in time, Nissan was seen as one of the manufactures that made great sports cars. The forgotten Nissan 300zx, the old Nissan 350z, the now out-of-date 370z, the GTR R35 (which is in desperate need of a refresh, it’s been almost 13 years!) are just a few of Nissan’s most popular sports cars. Nissan was doing great until sales began to decline and they were losing money, so Nissan turned to the french automaker Renault for help. Renault isn’t very popular in the states but they have a history for WRC racing and is popular in the Formula One world, which would lead some of us to believe that they would greatly help Nissan hold onto that popularity for making sports cars, except that they turned Nissan from quality to profit. Nissan would start making it’s cars as profitable as possible so they could stay in business, which then made people believe that Nissan’s were cheap economy cars. Nissan has also been rereleasing their 370z and Nissan GTR every couple of years with a new trim level or more horsepower, even though both models are over a decade old.

Nissan is finally bringing changes for 2020 and the future models, firstly, many of their models are finally getting rid of the CVT transmission and are finally getting a new 9-speed automatic, a new 3.8L engine is coming, also their trucks are also getting upgrades, mainly the Frontier being a 15-year-old truck. Nissan is also looking to release eight battery electric vehicles by 2022.

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With this semester wrapping up and coming to an end I’m hoping to be able to start going out and hanging out with friends again over the summer. In the comments, let me know what you guys have been doing to stay sane during this stay-at-home period that we’re going through.

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